Meditation App Review: Insight Timer

Insight Timer is the app I recommend to beginning and experienced meditators more often than any other. As the name suggests, it includes a timer for meditation sessions. But, while the timer is handy, the real value of the app is the many thousands of audio tracks available to stream for free.

The Timer

As a meditation timer, the app is satisfyingly functional and versatile. You can choose any length of meditation period. A variety of bell and gong sounds are available which play as you choose at the start and end of the session. You can direct the app to play interval bells at set numbers of even intervals. And, you can program the bells to come in one, two, or three hits. The timer can be used with no bells if you prefer. The app also can play an ambient soundtrack if you like. It also has a countdown to the beginning of the meditation session if you want to program that. I find that using a timer such as this is a nice approximation of meditating in a zendo where someone is assigned to hit the bell and you don't have to keep remembering to glance at a clock. The timer screen looks like this:


The Audio Tracks

Along with the timer, the app delivers thousands of free audio tracks including guided meditations, ambient meditation music, devotional chants, and meditation lessons. There are binaural beats and drone tracks for entraining your brain waves for alertness or meditation. There are audio yoga classes. Deeper lessons address acceptance and various aspects of wellbeing and healing. The tracks range in length from a couple of minutes to and hour. There are courses that are several sessions over a ten-day period. There are hundreds of talks and interviews and much of the content is from well-established and respected teachers. Not all of the content is Buddhist- or Hindu-centric. The app has a wide variety of general wellness-oriented talks as well as some Pagan/Wiccan content.


I'm not at all sponsored by this app. I genuinely like it and recommend that you check it out. There are premium features such as offline listening and expanded choices or tracks and courses which you can unlock via a $5/month subscription. The free version comes with a lot of value, though! Check out Insight Timer HERE.

Posted by Jon Peters